Dr. Donna Feir is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics. Donna completed her PhD at the University of British Columbia in September 2013. Her work has focused on Aboriginal wage disparity, education, and applied econometrics. Her current work regards ethic identification, immigration and labour market policy, and issues in applied econometrics. She continues to research Aboriginal education and economic policy.

Donna Feirís main current research interests are:

  • Labour economics
  • Applied econometrics
  • Aboriginal policy

Selected Publications:

  • Feir, Donna. 2013. "Size, structure, and change: exploring the sources of Aboriginal earnings gaps in 1995 and 2005." Canadian Public Policy 35(2):309-334.

Contact Information:

E-mail: dfeir@uvic.ca
Home page: http://www.donnafeir.com/