Dr. Zheng Wu is Professor of Sociology, University of Victoria, and past President of the Canadian Population Society. He is affiliated with the University of Victoria’s Population Research Group and Centre on Aging, the University of Washington’s Centre for Studies in Demography and Ecology, and Xi’an Jiaotong University’s Institute Population and Development Studies. His research interests reach across numerous socio-demographic topics, with long-standing interest in family demography. His current research program is concerned with Canadian trends in regional patterns in conjugal union formation, focusing on the dramatic growth and regional divergence in the choice of nonmarital cohabitation instead of marriage in the first union formation process. He has published extensively in the areas of fertility, union formation and dissolution, aging, health, and immigration.

Zheng Wus main current research interests are:

  • Family demography
  • Fertility, contraceptive use
  • Immigration
  • Sociology of mental health
  • Social gerontology

Selected Publications:

  • Wu, Zheng, Christoph M. Schimmele, and Neena L. Chappell. 2012. "Age and late-life depression." Journal of Aging and Health 24(1):3-28.
  • Wu, Zheng, Feng Hou, and Christoph M. Schimmele. 2011. "Racial diversity and sense of belonging in urban neighborhoods." City and Community 10(4):373-392.
  • Dongmei, Zuo, Zheng Wu, and Shuzhuo Li. 2011. "Age and intergenerational exchange among older parents in rural China." International Journal of Social Welfare 20(S1):S30-S46.

Contact Information:

E-mail: zhengwu@uvic.ca
Home page: http://web.uvic.ca/~zhengwu/