Dr. Min Zhou is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology. Broadly speaking, his substantive research interests include global and transnational sociology, economic sociology, political sociology, and East Asian societies.

First, he is intrigued by intensified institutionalization of global norms and governance. His research examines the causes and mechanisms driving global efforts to institutionalize norms and governance. Second, Min is interested in novel changes in the world economy, especially fundamental transformations of global market networks. Third, Min maintains a long-time interest in East Asian societies. A prominent trend in today’s international system is the so-called “complex interdependence”—states and societies across countries are intricately connected, and multiple channels of action between societies are used in international relations.

Min Zhouís main current research interests are:

  • Institutionalization of global norms and governance
  • Transformation in world economy and global market networks
  • East Asian societies

Selected Publications:

  • Zhou, Min. 2013. “A multidimensional analysis of public concern in Canada.” Canadian Review of Sociology 50(4):453-481.
  • Zhou, Min. 2013. “Public support for international human rights institutions: a cross-national and multi-level analysis.” Sociological Forum 28(3):525-548.
  • Zhou, Min. 2013. “Substitution and stratification: the interplay between dyadic and systemic proximity in global trade, 1993-2005.” The Sociological Quarterly 54(2):302-334.
  • Zhou, Min. 2012. “Participation in international human rights NGOs: the effect of democracy and state capacity.” Social Science Research 41(5):1254-1274.

Contact Information:

E-mail: minzhou@uvic.ca